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I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. We were 5 kids and 2 parents. I was one of the kids, the second oldest if you're curious. This was good since being a parent is probably hard to do if you are only good at crying, eating, and filling a diaper. My dad was an Automotive Technician, he taught me how to fix cars, run a business (both a bit easier back before there was so much technology involved), and be a good person.

I eventually moved to Columbia, Missouri for about 18 years. I started an asphalt company which morphed into a home repair and maintenance company. This is what eventually led me into Home Inspections.

Columbia, MO is where I found love. I met my wife, Bree, a couple years after moving to Missouri. We settled in, got married and started a family.

Florida is where we want to be. So when the timing worked out we moved to my home state. Wanna know what did not make the move??? The Snow shovels. Also our daughter, she is attending the University of Missouri and apparently it's too far of a drive to/from school. She is doing very well and I couldn't have wished for a better daughter. Our son, Jake, made the move with us. He is a great kid with beautiful hair. Jake is a good student, teammate, and scout.

Once we settled into the warm embrace of Florida, I teamed up with Scott Byrnes at All Corners Home Inspections. All Corners is already strong in Hernando and Pasco counties so we decided to expand more into Pinellas county. Pinellas is my advertising/networking territory although I can perform inspections anywhere.

So here we are, In the present, ready for what's next.

Thanks for reading,

Mike Noel
All Corners


Meanwhile, at the airport....

"Do you have any cash we can give her so she can buy dinner on the way home?"
-Bree Noel


"Oh, that's not enough"
-Bree Noel

*Puts money in pocket anyway and smiles*


"You're such a neck"

"Thanks Dad"

"You're gonna give yourself diabetes"
-Bree Noel





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